Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aishiteruze Baby

I had to copy and paste the title heading for this one. This is one of those impossible to spell Japanese titles. Still, I enjoyed Ashatazauare Baby. As someone who has friends with adorable toddlers, this was right up my alley. But is there more to Aisheetrazuey Baby than an adorable heroine? Surprisingly, yes. This is "Aysheteruzureze Baby".

Plot: Kippei has too many girlfriend! ...That was fast. One day, some startling news arrives at Kippei's house: His aunt up and disappeared, leaving her five-year-old daughter alone with Kippei and his family. For some reason, even though his sister seems to distrust him, she delegates the task of raising Yuzu (our adorable heroine) to Kippei. The other family members go for this, again without much reason, and Kippei is now Big Brother Kippei. The two quickly bond as Kippei learns the value of friendship, responsibility, and spending less time with his too many girlfriend. Seriously, first panel of the series.

I enjoyed Yuzu's dialogue very much, but that's typical for a child in something like this. I feel a little guilty, since the whole this is "LOOK HOW ADORABLE CHILDREN CAN BE!" But there's plenty of successful manga titles where no one complains about pandering to cute-obsessed people. Personal favorite example, "Yotsuba&!". Even frightening semi-terrorist online organizations can't ruin the innocence of Yotsuba. Therefore, the most powerful force in manga is cuteness.

I'd say that Aishytiruseze Baby is helpful if you want to raise a five-year-old, but I won't since I can't say that for sure. Just like you shouldn't learn baking from "Yakittate!! Japan" or music from "K-on!" or fixing electronics from "Hikkatsu!" or anything from "Kanpai!" or anything else from any other manga with an exclamation point in the title, I wouldn't take techniques from this manga. Although it would be wise to learn cooking from "Oishinbo".

Aishiteruze Babby (at least I spelled the first half right this time) is great for people who like cute soft-hearted stories. Is there drama and conflict all the way? Certainly. But it's fairly overshadowed by Yuzu, who, while she cries in every chapter, is adorable. And I'll take a child who doesn't die from piloting a giant robot over one that does any day.

Favorite Quote:
Yuzu: "Ken, Yuzu is sorry for slapping you the other day." Ken: "I'm a man, so it's okay now!"

Overall Opinion:
I also wouldn't learn maiding from "Maid-Sama!", playing with plushies from "Nui!", saving the world from "Dokkoida?!", or dieting from "Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution". It doesn't have an exclamation point, but it also isn't helpful with dieting. I just realized, most of my Overall Opinions aren't relevant to the review anymore.

Rating: Two Thumbs Up, Three Stars out of Five, and a "C+".

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